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Conscious clearing

Science shows us that everything in this universe is made up of energy. Matter consists of molecules and all molecules have a vibration or energy. The energy that we are made of and the energy of everything around us is in essence the same and is constantly flowing, permeating everything. As a part of this energy field, you automatically pick up the energy of others around you. You even pick up energy that has been around for lifetimes (eons and eons of time).


In picking up the energy of others, you tap into their opinions and (limiting) beliefs which you then download into your system as truth -while this information really has little or nothing to do with who you really are. It's like your whole life you are dancing to somebody else’s tune. As long as you continue to react based on other peoples' belief systems, you are not able to truly be free to live your full potential.

As you disconnect from the energies around you, you can once again react from your own true spirit or source –which is the source of infinite possibilities. Once you tap into that source, miracles start to happen!


Conscious clearing helps you to clear negative thoughts, feelings and energy. In our session I will help you to clear all of that, cutting you free from the beliefs that are holding you back. Conscious clearing uses a very powerful clearing statement. Your Subconscious Mind understands and responds directly to this statement and will do what is necessary to clear whatever you choose to let go of. Some deeply integrated patterns might need more than one clearing session.


Don't worry; you will not lose anything! Memories remain, people and situations may remain. However, you will no longer be attached to them or to any negative emotion or reaction that may have tied you down in the past.


After our session, I will give you the written procedures so you will be able to use this method by yourself whenever you need it. It is so simple that you can even use it during the day; in the moment, to clear on anything that isn’t supportive or helpful.



Thank you so much for "breaking the rules" and working with me as you saw I needed most. I'm not feeling nearly as anxious or responding negatively to situations since our call. This in itself is just great. So again, thank you. Sarah, 36, entrepeneur


I was extremely happy with you and the session was amazing. I have printed the tools you gave me and keep it in sight to remember and apply what I have learned... Thank you so much for your help, support and to be so nice,.. Anna, 44, Commercial assistant

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