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Free EFT Webinar


  • Are you caught in a negative cycle?

  • Have you tried to change and let go but it just doesn't work?

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Are you looking for a quick fix to set yourself free?

  • Are you ready to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest?


Tapping is your answer!


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On Monday April 13th at 8pm AEST (Sydney time!), Désirée Manders hosts a free EFT Webinar where she gladly shares her knowledge around EFT, takes you by the hand on an EFT tap along and shares tips, tricks and pointers!


Not to worry when you have missed the live event! You can watch the recording of the webinar below at your own leisure!


This is what you'll learn;

  • why people react out of habit

  • why it is so difficult to break habits

  • what EFT is 

  • how EFT can help you 

  • Why EFT is a quick (and lasting!) fix

  • How to shift your focus and draw more good stuff in to your life

  • And... you'll learn how to tap so you can do this by yourself!


EFT is a super self help tool! It is fun, it is easy and it works every time for everybody!


Watch the recording of the webinar here; 



















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