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  • Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain clearing- in body mind spirit and soul, in all times and life-times.

  • Major Soul Wounds - never healed, and still bleeding many aspects of your life away

  • Primary Life lesson - unrecognized, causing repetitive painful choices

  • Spiritual DNA obstructions - manifesting all the Soul's history in your body and life

  • Traumas and soul parts losses - keeping wholeness, health and wellness away from you

  • Internal black holes - when nothing fills the void

  • Crusts and restrictions - blocking your ability to change your reality

  • Core Fears - effecting avoidances and anxieties in every aspect of life

  • Negative energies removal - the cause for multiple illnesses, diversions of consciousness, and suffering

  • Human attachment patterns releases - interpersonal cause for relationship sufferings

  • Evil-eye, curses, spells removal - human negative forces with intents of destruction for others

  • Ongoing Karma - hardships in relations, health, habits and life abundance

  • Former lives - manifesting ongoing difficult events and hardships

  • Ancient vows or contracts - binding your life, choices relationships and growth, till this day

  • Multi - generational energies effects - a broad spectrum, in every aspect of life

  • Restrictive beliefs - holding your progress hostage

  • Negative thoughts - diverting you from your true path

  • Accumulated emotions - congesting your body, mind and soul, causing  you to percieve life as 'heavy' and difficult

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