Hypnotherapy is a very powerful as well as a deeply relaxing tool. It can be used to solve just about any problem state. It is often used to resolve fear, depression, stress, lack of confidence and addictions.


During the hypnotherapy session I will guide you to a deep state of relaxation. In this state you are fully present and aware of all that is going on around you. You may sit comfortably in your chair or up against the bed, listening to me as we are connected through Skype.


While you are in this state of deep relaxation (the so called Theta state*) you will be able to process and allow in new information very fast. This is because the ‘thinking brain’ is being distracted by the words that I use, and the story you listen to, giving you full access to the subconscious part of you.

Allowing change to occur is accomplished easier and faster on a subconscious level than on a conscious level.


Your subconscious holds a tremendous source of creativity and wisdom. Hypnotherapy helps you to access that source enabeling you to allow a lasting, positive change in your life. 

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