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IAMDR© is developed by Marjolijn Loderichs* and is based on EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming). 

IAMDR© heals energetic imprints on soul level, throughout lifetimes. Not only does it clear any 'symptom' (the issue in this life) -it fully clears the root cause of that symptom.  

Negative energetic imprints on the Soul influence the vibration of your life energy,- which is in essence perfect, complete and whole. As a result these negative vibrations will manifest as physical problems or turmoil, chaos, suffering in your life.

Through IAMDR©, energy can be cleared throughout lifetimes, layers and dimensions. It will prevent disruptions of energy from having to show themselves more and more violently.


Through this work you will bring back the frequency of your source energy more and more into its natural state of harmony. As a result your life will be an expression of that harmony! You will experience abundance, unconditional love, joy, freedom, compassion, health, ease and inner peace.

You do not have to work hard to 'get' these things because they are already part of the perfect life source energy that you are.


An IAMDR© session is particularly effective because it dissolves old 'junk' and prevents the manifestation of all sorts of problems. The IAMDR procedure can be applied to any form of disharmony.


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I teach about working with the I AM Presence at the IAM academy.

* click here for more information about Marjolijn Loderichs and the I AM Academy.

Hi Désirée ,

Just sitting in my car thinking about how grateful I am for you and the work we are doing together!

I am at peace this year... pure peace! The contrast with recent years past is striking! 

I love this work! In awe of how powerful it is! 
Blessings to You!

Karen, 48

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