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The One Method


The One Method, (healing the spirit and soul)  is an energy treatment method that looks at all physical and energetic systems as one functional inter-related unit.


It offers an explanation for the functional connection and influences the spirit systems has on the physical body, mind, emotions, social behaviors and manifestations. 


During our session(s), I help you to 'unblock' certain area's in your life or body to help restore the flow of energy to its original state of health. It includes energetic structural correction for a continuous light flow, in all the systems inside and outside the body.


The One Method treats all the energy systems including their fields, all spiritual and soul levels, the 12 strands of spiritual DNA and the physical body. During our session(s), the injuries and damages, areas and types of dysfunctions, influences on functional abilities will be identified and treated. The energy treatments are powerful and accurate, with immediate effective results.


Working with The One Method helps to greatly shorten the natural healing process. It can be integrated and used in every aspect of life, and goes hand in hand with conventional medicine, physical therapies, speech pathology, psychology, general rehabilitation, education and coaching. The One Method promotes personal growth, healing and transformation and offers easy, fast and powerful results.


Please note; The One method sessions should never substitute any form of regular health treatment based on conventional medicine. If you suffer from any physical complaints you should always see a doctor or GP. The One method sessions do offer support in the process of healing the body.



The One Method treatment list. Click here.


Effects of healing the spirit or soul wound. Click here.

Thank you again for all you are and for sharing it. You are an awesome channel for healing and I am honored to know you and to have gotten to work with you. Judy, 67, retired



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