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The Gabriel Method

I have been working as a Gabriel Method coach and trainer since 2011. I was first drawn to this method after reading Jon Gabriel’s book ‘The Gabriel Method’. Jon Gabriel really understands the effect the subconscious has on the whole body and being of any person. From his personal experience of being obese, he developed a holistic, mind/body approach to reaching and maintaining your ideal body weight and shape. His method is directly related to my specialism of working with the subconscious.


Emotional, mental, physical and environmental triggers cause chronic weight issues.
It is NOT about calorie intake!

Holding on to or gaining weight has to do with the way your primitive brain (that part of the human nervous system dedicated to our survival) reacts to subconscious triggers linked to feelings of unsafety. The excess weight is used as a protective shield against whatever the perceived danger is.


The primitive brain only has two possible scenario’s;

1. I need to be thin in order to run away from danger.

2. I need to be big in order to protect myself.

This explains why some people can eat what they want and remain slim. Their primitive brain uses the first scenario when dealing with danger or stress. However, when your primitive brain uses the second scenario you can stop eating altogether and most likely still gain weight.


The primitive brain also doesn’t know the difference between a lack of safety and a lack of love, money, creativity, fulfillment, etc. It will qualify any feeling of lack as unsafe and therefore will use the weight as a form of protection.


In our sessions together we will identify the so-called 'fat switch triggers' and we will work through the issues that cause you to feel unsafe. You will not have to relive any trauma or painful memories. I will help you to release what belongs in the past to the past in a quick and effective manner. As a result there is no longer a need to hold on to the weight and weight loss will be effortless.


Please note; THIS IS NOT A DIET!
However, we will look at what you can or should eat in order to start nourishing your body rather than just feeding your body.


Just a reminder; THIS IS NOT A DIET!  

You will need at least 6 months to break free from the dieting paradigm and to allow your body to start releasing the weight. We will work together during those 6 months at the rate and speed that is right for you. After this time you will be able to integrate this new mind/body approach in your day to day life -easily and without effort!


Before you start working with me it is advised that you read Jon Gabriel’s book 'The Gabriel Method'.

You can find his book online and in most bookstores.

It is also recommended that we have at least 5 sessions together to lay the foundation from which you are then able to move forward by yourself.


Click here to go to Jon Gabriel's Website

Click here to go the to the Dutch Gabriel Method website




Following many years of struggling with weight loss and self image, and trying everything out there without success, after just a few sessions with Desiree, she was able to work her magic. She was able to help me release past emotional blocks quickly and unconsciously. This has led to effortless weight loss. I would highly recommend her! Without releasing the emotional stuff, permanent weight loss is not possible. Desiree is your secret weapon! Lorena, 41, entrepeneur


Desiree, I just want to share that I was bragging about you to my friend- how now, a year later I feel as good as I did in my 20's- my husband just took first place in the firefighter's combat challenge- my teen daughter is not collapsing from the stress of being a HS Senior, my teen boy gets at least one good shake in him a day- all because we follow GM nutrition and the skills I learned from you as a coach. So thank you, again- you have been helpful in allowing my family to come to a very healthy, delightful place. Blessings to you Always. Debra, 43, teacher

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